Company news

PJSC “Turboatom” finished manufacture of three cases of condenser Б row, consisting of 24 modules for Unit No 2 South-Ukrainian NPP. Two cases shipped to NPP and now are under erection; in October 2015 all equipment of the third case will be packed and shipped.

Under plan of main activities of Civil Defense arrangements for 2015 in spring at PJSC "Turboatom" took place Complex Subject Training (CST) for preparation of employees how to act in possible case of emergency (explosion, fire, destruction and other cases).

Under tradition in September 2015 at PJSC “Turboatom” concluded results of inspection-competition “The manufacturing team”, “The best team of division, department, and SDB”, “The best in profession”. Winners were congratulated by General Director of enterprise Victor Subotin and Chairman of Trade Union Committee Irina Yefremova.

26 September 2015 at Sport Complex “Turbinist” took place the fourth annually Sports Contest, dedicated to professional holiday, Day of Mechanical Engineer of Ukraine.

16-17 September 2015 in Shanghai, PRC was held the second annual conference on operation and maintenance of NPPs, joint delegation of PJSC “Turboatom” and INKLA Trading&Engineering GmbH Company, Austria took part in it.

25 September 2015 Chairman of Regional State Administration Igor Rainin congratulated mechanical engineers of Kahrkiv region with professional holiday and awarded the best employees of this area with honorable rewards of Kharkiv Regional Administration.

25 September 2015 at PJSC “Turboatom” were held festive events dedicated to Day of Mechanical Engineer of Ukraine.

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