Company news

OJSC “Turboatom” tested and delivered to customer equipment for Unit No 1 Ekibastuz SDPP-1.

At OJSC “Turboatom” was finished manufacture of condenser for Unit No 2 Balakovskaya NPP (Russia).

In 2014 13 turbines manufactured by OJSC “Turboatom” were put into operation at Power Plants of Ukraine and near abroad.

21 January 2015 is 81 year from the day of founding of OJSC “Turboatom”. On the occasion of birthday of the plant staff was congratulated by General Director Victor Subbotin and Chairman of Trade Union Committee Irina Yefremova.

19 January 2015 OJSC “Turboatom” was visited by SE “NNPC” Energoatom” delegation headed by Yuriy Nedashkovskiy.

In December 2014 at Unit No 2 Ekibastuz SDPP-1 in Kazakhstan was engaged in grid turbine of OJSC “Turboatom” with capacity 540 MW.

25 December 2014 at Internet network at website and in publication No 193 daily information analysis newspaper “Young Ukraine” was published another untruthful, defaming reputation of Enterprise and also honor and dignity of its management article “And now I will ride? Plundering and actual destruction Kharkov “Turboatom” at the first turn advantageous to its competitor Russia. And covered by Prime Minister of Ukraine?”.

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